Couple months ago, I’ve built an app and released it on the App Store. Since published, I really wanted to see how it lives and understand how to make it grow. Ideally, I wanted to know if there is a product / market fit. In the article, I describe each steps and ideas that helped my app grow and what I learnt from it.

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I recently followed a growth marketing course, introducing mindset and methodology to make a company grow. I learnt a lot from it and since, I try to apply this knowledge on a daily basis. After more reflection on it, a lot of ideas looked very similar to software development job, this is the part I would like to share.

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Working as a mobile developer, I created multiple apps during last couple years for companies I worked for, and eventually for personal projects. At the beginning, I though the goal for any developer was the release itself: shipping code and moving on, but I quickly found out that it was more frustrating than everything to stop here. That’s how I started thinking about what should be the next step and if a developer can actually do marketing and how.

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