Starting your year the right way

Starting a new year is always exciting. Most of us have new resolutions and a bucket list we want to accomplish for 2018 but it’s quite often that as soon something go wrong, the whole list goes wrong. Here is some advices to keep track on it.

Start small, think big

This is a classic one. The best way is to define something small enough you can accomplish before starting something too big, you could feel failing if you can’t make it regardless of the progress you already made.

If you never run and you want to go for an ultra trail (170km in mountain), then you are going to have a tough time. Even if you trained for it actually. However, if you sign up for a half marathon, it’s something you have time to train and accomplish.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean you can’t dream big: starting with one half marathon this year, a marathon next year, then maybe in two years time you can handle it.

The same applies to any domain. It’s not a matter of finishing something massive, it’s to achieve a step that get you closer to it.

Routine is key

One of the best way to create changes is from your routine. Having an habit helps you to make progress on a daily basis without effort from you anymore. The hard part is actually creating this habit.

A common thought is that it takes about 21 days to form a new habit. It could actually [take several months] ( but everybody is different. The time to create habit is mainly defined about you commitment to it.

Regardless how long it can take you, doing same thing everyday for 100 days remove you the doubt of “Do I have to do it today?”. It’s also a good way to see progress.

Starting coding? You will definitely noticed the difference before Day 10 and Day 100.

Be challenged but stay realistic

Back to your bucket list, I believe it’s important to stay realistic in some limit. “Save 100,000$” or “Visit 20 countries” in your list? Not that easy.

However, you can try save 1/5 of your incomes and the same way visit a country per month. The challenge would adapt to your lifestyle.

At the end, I hope those advices will help to keep track of your goals and that one step at a time you’ll get the most of 2018. Happy new year!

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