For the last couple weeks, I tried to step back on my development to analyse what is time consuming in mobile development. I realised that most of new views are based on same approach, reimplementing an similar structure around a UICollectionView or UITableView.

What if I can have a more generic approach where I can focus only on what matters, the user experience. That’s what I tried to explore in this article.

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Last couple weeks, I have traveled with only my iPhone with me and I realised how many apps I daily used still relying on their websites. Even with the right iOS app installed, I had to browse on Safari app to get specific details. That is why it’s so important to support universal links in iOS. Let me show you how.

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The best part of continuous integration is the ability to automatically run tests and build apps, ready to be deployed. However, automatic build doesn’t mean smart or optimised build. Here are some tips I collected along the way to speed up delivery process.

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