Couple months ago, I’ve build an app and released it on the App Store. Since published, I really wanted to see how it lives and understand how to make it grow. Ideally, I wanted to know if there is a product / market fit. In the article, I describe each steps and ideas that helped my app grow and what I learnt from it.

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I recently implemented 3D touch for an app and I was very interested about home screen quick actions. If it can be a good way to improve user experience, it doesn’t mean your app always needs it. In this article, I explain how to add home screen shortcut for your app in Swift but mostly why can justify implementing it.

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If you care about user experience, error handling is a big part you have to cover. We can design how an mobile app looks like when it works, but what happen when something goes wrong. Should we display an alert to the user? Can the error stay silent? And mostly how to implement it the best way with your current design pattern? Let’s see our options while following MVVM pattern.

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For the last couple weeks, I tried to step back on my development to analyse what is time consuming in mobile development. I realised that most of new views are based on same approach, reimplementing an similar structure around a UICollectionView or UITableView.

What if I can have a more generic approach where I can focus only on what matters, the user experience. That’s what I tried to explore in this article.

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