To move an existing iOS app codebase to SwiftUI can quickly become a challenge if we don’t scope the difficulties ahead. After covering the navigation and design layer last week, it’s time to dive deeper into the logic and handle the code migration for a database and the user preferences.

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It’s been almost two years that Combine has been introduced to the Apple developer community. As many developer, you want to migrate your codebase to it. You don’t want to be left behind but you’re not sure where to start, maybe not sure if you want to jump to SwiftUI either. Nothing to worry, let’s see step by step how to migrate an iOS sample app using UIKit and RxSwift to Combine.

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When creating new features, it’s really important to think about how our users will use it. Most of the time, the UI is straightforward enough. However, sometimes, you will want to give some guidance, to highlight a button or a switch, with a message attached. Today, we’ll create a reusable and adaptable overlay in Swift to help onboard mobile users for any of your features.

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