A big part of the developer journey is make sure our code behaves as expected. It’s best practice to setup tests that allow us to test quickly and often that nothing is broken. If unit testing is common practice to check the business logic, we can also extend it to cover some specific UI behaviors. Let’s how to unit test views and gesture in UIKit.

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I have been interested in analytics tools for a while, especially when it’s applied to mobile development. Over the time, I saw many code mistakes when implementing an analytical solution. Some of them can be easily avoided when developer got the right insights, let’s see how.

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To be sure new code won’t break old one already implemented, itโ€™s best practice to write unit tests. When it comes to app architectures, it can be a challenge to write those tests. Following an MVVM pattern, how to unit test a view and its viewModel? Thatโ€™s what I would like to cover here using dependency injection.

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