Even though the iOS ecosystem is growing further every day from Objective-C, some companies still heavily rely on it. A week away for another wave of innovation from WWDC 2020, I thought it would be interesting to dive back into Objective-C starting with a MVVM pattern implementation.

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If you care about user experience, error handling is a big part you have to cover. We can design how an mobile app looks like when it works, but what happen when something goes wrong. Should we display an alert to the user? Can the error stay silent? And mostly how to implement it the best way with your current design pattern? Let’s see our options while following MVVM pattern.

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To be sure new code won’t break old one already implemented, it’s best practice to write unit tests. When it comes to app architectures, it can be a challenge to write those tests. Following an MVVM pattern, how to unit test a view and its viewModel? That’s what I would like to cover here using dependency injection.

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