When creating new features, it’s really important to think about how our users will use it. Most of the time, the UI is straightforward enough. However, sometimes, you will want to give some guidance, to highlight a button or a switch, with a message attached. Today, we’ll create a reusable and adaptable overlay in Swift to help onboard mobile users for any of your features.

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I was recently searching for onboarding journey in iOS, that succession of screens displayed at the first launch of a freshly installed mobile app. But regardless how beautiful the design can be, why so many people are tempted to skip it. I listed things to consider while creating an onboarding journey for your iOS app.

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This year, I finally signed up for a marathon and the way I use running apps and their services have clearly changed. Giving the best user experience around those services is essential to make the app useful. Here is my feedback as a mobile developer during my last 10 weeks training.

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